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Work should never be delayed by documents. With BuildPlane, get the power of efficient document management.

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Reduce risk of delay

Never worry that a subcontractor gets turned away from a job site because of lack of proper documentation.

Empower your Document Managers

Tracking down documents is not a fun task for anyone. Digging through emails is frustrating. Empower your document managers to spend more time maximizing quality quality and less time frantically searching for an update to an expired document.


In the field or at the office

Having order to your subcontractor documents is critical to having an approved and ordered job site. BuildPlane makes it easy to monitor status no matter where you work from and no matter the device (laptop, mobile, and tablet).

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Quickly Send Requests

Within seconds, send a request to all of your subcontractors for the documents you need. Know all of the upcoming expiring documents? Those documents will be automatically requested as well.

Subcontractors Upload

Subcontractors can upload their documents from their subcontractor dashboard in BuildPlane. Your response rates will instantly increase and you can see the status of any subcontractor on a project within seconds.

Store and Track Documents

Move non-expiring documents quickly from project to project. Add expiration dates and be alerted when it's time to request updated materials from subcontractors. Real-time status updates let you know quickly what needs your attention.

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