Request for Pricing
by BuildPlane.

Schedule, create, and send RFPs to your entire list of subcontractors on a project in seconds. Track their responses just as easily.

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Easy for project managers

The RFPs become easy to pull, but the magic comes after that. Roll the responses directly into the next change items.

Easy for subcontractors

Receive an RFPs, respond to the RFPs in the same place as other documents, know the project manager received it. No more fire and forget.


In the field or at the office

Critical communication shouldn't be limited to the office. With BuildPlane you can visually confirm scope and approve RFPs in the field on your laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

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Send an RFP

It's simple to select a all or a selection of subcontractors from a project, provide instructions, attach documents, and BuildPlane handles everything else.

Review submitted pricing

Subcontractors receive notification, can download and review documents, and easily provide updated pricing and notes to a project manager.

Build the change order

Once all pricing has been received and reviewed, a project manager can build out a change order and track the financial metrics through project completion.

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