Closeout Documents
by BuildPlane.

Request end-of-work documentation from subs and manage retainage.

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Help subcontractors finish strong

After completion a job, the last thing a subcontractor wants is significant delay receiving final payment. Closeout documents lets project managers quickly define final documentation needs, verify status, and green light final payments. Everyone's happy.

Help owners find what they need

Along with verification that a subcontractor completed the scoped work, the project owner wants to easily access critical manuals, instructions, and other resources related to the completion of their project.


In the field or at the office

Needing to release your retainage, but wanting to walk the job site to validate the completed work of your subcontractors and verify you have all finalized documents? BuildPlane makes this easy. With mobile device support, it's easy to use in the office or in the field.

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Quickly Define and Send Requests

Within seconds, send a request to all of your subcontractors for the documents you need. As each subcontractor nears completion, BuildPlane helps ease the burden of communication and it conveniently keeps everything in one, easy-to-find location.

Subcontractors Upload

Subcontractors can upload their documents from their subcontractor dashboard in BuildPlane. Project and document managers are informed when a request for documents has been fulfilled and can easily request additional information if needed.

Store and Track Documents

Don't email endless manuals to your project owner. Instead, provide them with an easy-to-access dashboard in BuildPlane that gives them a view, by trade, of the critical documents they need.

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