Change Orders
by BuildPlane.

Change orders are common in every large construction project. BuildPlane makes it simple to document, track, and communicate about each one, leading to improved financial outcomes.

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Document potential changes

Project managers need a fast and reliable way to input and monitor potential change items. BuildPlane makes this fast, instilling confidence that there are no unaccounted-for costs lurking.

Assign categories and track status

Categorize and track all change items and orders, from pending through approved, from subcontractors and owners.

Communicate to stakeholders

After changes are properly categorized, BuildPlane allows easy communication and approvals of amounts, reducing delay between project owners, the general contractor, and subcontractors.


In the field or at the office

Critical communication shouldn't be limited to the office. With BuildPlane you can access owner changes in the field on your laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

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Create change orders fast

Project managers know when a change order is coming. They may not have the details, but they need a place where they can track the potential change order.

See financials by approval status

Change orders have levels of status from potential to draft, requested, and approved. See the financial status of each change order, and all change orders across status, projects, subcontracts, and subcontractors.

Rely on an audit log

Behind every change order flow is an audit log to show who did what and when. If a change order is moved from potential to approved, you'll be able to track it every step of the way.

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