Use BuildPlane to manage your communication and relationships with general contractors.

Built for Subcontractors

Create and manage your projects

Create pay apps, get approvals, and manage your schedule of values, change orders, and margins all in one place.

Pay Apps for Subcontractors

Subcontractors are a 1st class citizen on the BuildPlane platform. Our subcontrator portal is easy to use and makes submitting pay apps and change orders fast and painless.

Track Costs and Get Paid

Subcontractors use BuildPlane to track costs and get paid for a job well done by helping teams know what to do on the job, log hours and costs, and quickly get pay apps approved on time.

Stay ahead of the schedule

Money is burned when you show up to a jobsite, but the paperwork isn't filed. Stay ahead of the paperwork and on the same page as your general contractor with BuildPlane.

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