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Increase Trust

It is critical that Project Owners receive timely and consistent updates on the status of projects including an understanding of risk, potential changes, and overall progress. BuildPlane makes it easy for Owners to keep connected with their projects, providing visibility and increasing the level of confidence and trust between all parties.

Reduce Risk

During a large-scale commercial construction project, the last thing a Project Owner wants are surprises, especially after diligently selecting the best architects and general contractors to get the job done. Through easy-to-use dashboards, timely communication tools, and robust auditing, Project Owners can rest assured that that they would be alerted quickly to any potential issues.

Minimize Construction Time

While many think of weather as a common factor in the delay of commercial construction projects, more likely to cause serious risk to a completion date are: slow communication, poor project planning, lack of coordination, and rework due to errors. The heart of BuildPlane is a powerful communication system that improves coordination between parties and reduces rework due to error. All this helps to ensure that your project completes on-time and is of the highest quality.

One Place

Projects are already complex. Use BuildPlane to reduce informational complexity.


Need project information? You can access it from anywhere in the world.


All information is permissiable. Subcontractors see their information and GCs see theirs. Use permissions to allow as much information as necessary.

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