Our Mission

Manage the non-construction processes so construction professionals can get back to building.

Our Team


Jason McCay


Ben Wyrosdick


Chris Winslett

Our Values

Empower customer expertise

In our conversations with customers, they told us why they got into construction. Many enjoy the building process, many enjoy the planning, and everyone enjoys the tangible, physical structures that they create. We want our software to power people to reconnect with the reasons they joined the industry.

Maintain a bias toward action

When we have enough information, we will make a decision and measure the results of that decision. We will be comfortable being wrong because it means that we learned something new.

Delight customers

Our customers are people with complex lives and complex trade-offs. The construction industry pulls people in many directions with many timelines. We will build software that respects the customer. We will build business processes (like customer service) that are willing to do things, even if they don’t scale, for the sake of the customer.

Make it fun to work

We are on a journey. We are excited when people choose to work with us on this journey. We want team members to remember this as one of their best work experiences. We want to affirm the value of team members. We want people to enjoy creating valuable products and experiences for each other and for customers.

Build a long-lived company

We are early in the journey toward building both a product and a company. We will prioritize long-lived outcomes over shortcuts with trade-offs.