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A dashboard for commercial construction project managers to manage project financials and workflows. Workflows automate submittals, startup documents, pay apps, RFPs, change orders, and financial status. By automating paperwork and communications, you can focus on executing better projects.


A one-stop shop for contracts, submittals, startup docs, change orders, and getting paid.

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Managing the documents and communications with your vendors is essential to a successful project.

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New projects kick off a beehive of activity across all job functions. Use BuildPlane to standardize and streamline.

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Commercial construction
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Using Buildplane means you can stop keeping it all in your head. Use that extra brainpower to focus on the task at hand, knowing the other tasks will take care of themselves.


Pay Apps

Change Orders


Financial Reporting

Startup Docs

Closeout Docs

Issue Tracking


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Let BuildPlane automate the paper.

You got into construction to see buildings go up. Instead you end up spending way too much of your time chasing documents, approvals, and payments. BuildPlane solves that for you.

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Stop wasting time with data entry and rebuilding processes for each project. Use BuildPlane to do it the "right way" every time.

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